Global Online Travel Market 2016 Trends, Opportunities, Growth Drivers, Competitive Landscape & 2020 Forecasts Analysis

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The Global Online Travel Market: Trends and Opportunities (2016-2020) research of 55 pages with 25 Figures and 11 Tables to the travel & hospitality industry segment of its online data and intelligence library. Complete report available at

The report titled “Global Online Travel Market: Trends and Opportunities (2016-2020)” analyzes the potential opportunities and significant trends in the global online travel market. Market outlook in value terms for the forecasted period for global online travel market has been detailed in the report. Online leisure/unmanaged business travel, a segment of online travel has also been covered in the report. The report provides detailed analysis of leading players in the sector including Expedia Inc., The Priceline Group and Hostelworld on the basis of attributes such as business overview, recent developments, financials and strategies adopted by the market leaders in order to ensure growth, sustainability, etc.

Geographical Coverage of Online Travel Market 2016 Edition Report: The US, Europe, Asia Pacific, China & Latin America

Company Coverage of Online Travel Market: Expedia Inc., The Priceline Group & Hostelworld

Online travel industry originated in the 1970s in the United States market. Online travel market, a segment of global travel market comes up with strong growth fundamentals. The market can be broadly split into direct bookings with travel suppliers and bookings made through an OTA. The OTA space can be broadly divided into Generalist OTAs and Specialist OTAs. Generalist OTAs such as Expedia and (owned by Priceline Group), spans broader market and caters to all forms of travel (lodging, flights, packages, car rentals, etc.). On the other hand, Specialist OTAs (e.g. Hostelworld), operates within travel niches such as the hostel space. In major part of the world, majority of bookings are made directly through suppliers. Worldwide online booking via suppliers accounted for close to 60% share of total online bookings in the year 2015.

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From a regional perspective, Asia Pacific, Western Europe and the US market are seen to be similar in size and collectively accounting for 80% share of global online travel market in the year 2015. In the upcoming years, emerging market is expected to outperform growth in advanced region due to betterment of socio-economic factors. In addition to this, emerging markets also has high proportion of Millennial population.

Growth of global online travel market is driven by growth in global tourism industry, rise in internet penetration and increasing mobile presence. Increasing internet penetration and rise in sue of smartphones especially in emerging economies are providing impetus to online travel industry globally. However, presence of certain factors is also posing hindrance to growth of the industry. Some of these factors are threat from alternative accommodation providers, regulation and compliance in the industry and high marketing spending for companies operating in the segment. Key trends prevailing in the industry includes organic expansion of core brands and increasing capital investment and supply in the hostel space.

Major Points from Table of Contents from Global Online Travel Market:
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Global Online Travel Market Analysis
4. Global Online Travel Market Regional Analysis
5. Global Online Travel Market Trends
6. Global Online Travel Market: Growth Drivers & Challenges
7. Competitive Landscape
8. Company Profiles
List of Tables
List of Figures

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