Houston Document Translation Services Now Available

Press Release

JENMAR Translation Services is uniquely positioned to offer Houston document translation services in response to an expanding need in the area. Choosing a top-quality translation is more than choosing the lowest priced service. This dedication to quality allows JENMAR to guarantee 100 percent satisfaction with the translation work or money back. The document translation services are available in more than 150 languages at the most competitive rates in the industry. The three step process includes translation, editing, and proofreading for each of the documents.

JENMAR uses unmatched quality and focused client service as its competitive edge in the translation services industry. The firm bases the translation services on the use of the best linguistic experts and best practices in the sector. In addition to language expertise, the translators are part of industry-specific teams. The result is both language and quality assurance to each client. Quality control is an integral element of each phase of the three-step process.

The globalization of business requires effective communication services at the local level as well. The need for sales documents, contracts, and explanations of services and product specifications requires accurate translation. This is more than just translating words from one language to another. Each country’s marketplace has variations from others, even those nearby geographically. These unique factors must be reflected in the translation. JENMAR has the expertise to render documents accurately and in accordance with localization trends.

For Houston document translation services, there are several reasons to consider JENMAR. Some of the most obvious are the 24/7 rush turnaround times and ability to handle high volume requests or highly technical materials. The company uses certified linguists with subject matter expertise in over 150 languages and rare dialects. Desktop publishing and localization services at extremely competitive rates are a service included in the offerings. Document certification is part of the quality guarantee.