LA Limousine Company Announces Worldwide Custom Design Service

Press Release

American Limousine Sales, a custom limousine company based in Los Angeles, California, has announced an expansion to its service, catering for customers all around the world. The company deals with famous brands like Dodge, Lincoln, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Ford, and has served a wide range of clients from hotels to casinos and private users. It has new and used limousines ready to go, and can also build them completely from scratch.

More information can be found on the American Limousine Sales website at:

A full range of services included in the worldwide expansion is available on the site, which encompasses buying new limousines, used limousines, and detailed guides on how people can create their own custom limousines from scratch. There is also a page dedicated to financing, which covers how people can get help when buying their own limousine.

No matter where the customer is in the world, they can use the American Limousine Sales search engine to find the best limousine suited to them from a wide range of options. Car state, condition, age and price can be used to help fine tune the results, with some even available for under $10,000.

The site also explains how a limousine can be a status symbol, and designing a custom one from the ground up can help to highlight this. Realizing the challenges that their clients could potentially face when trying to customize cars to their specific wants and needs, American Limousine Sales took it upon themselves to formulate a solution. Offering an alternative to customization of stock vehicles, they give the client the chance to be a part of the construction of their own limousine throughout the creation process, designing how it looks and feels.

The company prides itself on being easily accessible, and there are a variety of ways for customers to get in touch, whether they want to ask a question about the process or check up on their order. People can use the contact form on site to send an email, or call on (310) 762-1710. Customers can even use WhatsApp to communicate on 323-209-8510.