Lice Life Cycle Reveals New Case Study On Can Black People Get Lice

Press Release

Lice Life Cycle revealed their new case study today on Can Black People Get Lice. This case study demonstrates that the results showed that black people can, in fact, get head lice. There are many people that believe only caucasian people are able to get head lice. This is a full blown myth! Lice Life Cycle’s dedicated research team has interviewed and thousands of individuals of all races. They also had interviewed several well-known doctors from Boston, MA.

With the case study being over and the results interpreted there is no conclusive evidence supporting the common myth that black people can not get head lice.

The case study also made it obvious that lice is not a racial bug. Not only can any skin color get lice, there is no evidence supporting the myth that “only” white people can get lice.

Lice Life Cycle owner Nick Creighton says there are many people looking for insights and answers on this great case study Can Black People Get Lice. This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance.

The case study is available at Can Black People Get Lice. The Lice Life Cycle research team is always doing new research projects as well as new case studies on various topics that have to do with lice.

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