List of Best Espresso Machines Released By

Press Release, a newly launched, consumer-led website which focuses on providing consumers with honest, accurate and in-depth consumer guides for coffee related products has just released their list of the best Espresso Machines currently available on the market. You can view the guide here:

The list details the best Espresso Machines for a variety of price ranges, from $100 all the way up to $1,000 for a cutting edge Espresso machine. For consumers who are in-market for an Espresso machine this could be the ideal guide, just what a consumer needs when researching the current Espresso machine market. The guide also details various brands, models as well as covering the basics of how to select an Espresso machine and what features to look for.

“The Espresso machine market is saturated with mediocre, entry-level machines and there are very few Espresso machines which really scream quality, especially for each price range.” says Sam Fox, Founder of

Various brands have been included in the detailed list including well-known brands such as Gaggia with it’s cutting-edge Espresso machines for the high-end market. As well as Breville with it’s BES840XL model, featuring many of the high-end features at a mid-level price.

“House of Barista’s consumer guides are for the masses, whilst the site caters towards coffee enthusiasts, it’s also targeted towards the beginners, the people who’ve yet to discover their passion for coffee” states Sam Fox.

To read the in-depth guide to choosing the best Espresso machine, amongst others visit:

About House of Baristas:

Launched less than 12 months ago, House of Baristas is working towards becoming a household name in the coffee consumer advice market and are also planning on launching their own product line of coffee related products, beginning with coffee grinders in the not so distant future.