Local Political Campaign Website Builder & Marketing Strategies Service Launched

Press Release

The online marketing agency Local Marketing Muscle has announced the launch of a comprehensive and effective internet marketing consultancy service for political campaigns, candidates and elections.

More information is available at http://localmarketingmuscle.com/political-marketing.

Local Marketing Muscle is a popular internet marketing firm providing a wide range of proven systems and solutions to help local businesses or political campaigns enhance their reach & reputation, fulfil their growth potential and dominate the competition.

The agency has announced the launch of an internet marketing consultancy service tailored to help political candidates/campaigns leverage and maximize the potential of technology and the web by building campaign awareness, laser targeting various segments of the constituencies by zip code/age/gender or targeting super voters, and more.

The newly launched Local Marketing Muscle political marketing consultancy service employs a ubiquitous 21st century-friendly approach grounded on a Five Step Digital Marketing Strategy, including a dynamic website with retargeting, Facebook fan page and group, customized videos online, programmatic constituent targeting and “Political Drops” telephone marketing.

Local Marketing Muscle explains that “the days of a political campaign buying billboards, handing out buttons or kissing babies and expecting to win is over. Political marketing is officially in a digital age. Your political campaign should be also. Political campaigns have a small window to reach the largest audience possible and your campaign needs to employ 21st century tools to reach those 21st century voters”.

The agency adds that “at Local Marketing Muscle, we provide local political campaigns with the internet marketing tools and services needed to connect with current supporters and reach potential voters in ways that the other candidates can only dream of. Your campaign needs to be both efficient and effective with the campaign dollars raised and that’s where we come in. This is 2016 – and the smarter digital candidates will dominate their local elections”.

More information on the political marketing consultancy solution and other Local Marketing Muscle services along with free consultations, a blog with online marketing advice and a free ‘The Secret Formula that most successful businesses use to fuel growth and outperform the competition’ guide, are available on the website link provided above.