Local Satellite TV Company Expands Business

Press Release

TVSAS is a television and satellite company based in Reading, Berkshire that has expanded into the security market by adding a division of CCTV installation and repair to their business.

Director, Mark Warne, comments,”Home security is a market that we’ve had our eye on for some time. Many of our customers ask us about CCTV installation when we fit their satellite dishes and we’ve never been in the position to offer it before.” Find out more about their services here:


TVSAS has now recruited security expert, Aiden Jones, to their team. Aiden is a former soldier who has worked in the security field for a number of years. After training to be a certified CCTV installer he worked for other local companies in Berkshire before being recruited by Warne to join TVSAS.

TVSAS are one of Berkshire’s premier satellite and aerial installation companies and have been operating for over 5 years. Mark Warne, who has spent most of his career working in the IT industry, is keen to grow the business by providing more service offerings and was excited to branch out into the home security and surveillance market. Warne goes on to say,”Our aim over the next 12 months is to grow our customer base of CCTV clients to over 50 in the Thames Valley and then look to expand into London where there is much greater opportunity.”

Burglaries are up across the whole of the Thames Valley and as a consequence more people are becoming aware of their home safety. As people are getting used to running their homes from their smart phones Warne has seen a rise in demand for smart phone enabled CCTV. He concludes,”People love the ability to see what is going on at their home using an app on their smart phone. It gives them great peace of mind when they are out and about.”

As the technology improves and the demand grows Warne and his team of experts expect to remain busy. To learn all about the full range of services provided by TVSAS visit their website: