LXORY’s iPhone Dock to Lengthen iPhone’s Life Beyond Expected 10.8 Weeks

Press Release

Mobile accessories innovator LXORY revealed that its XStand, a 2-in-1 Apple Watch and iPhone dock, can help in protecting iPhones from breaking just weeks after purchase. This announcement comes after MobilePhoneChecker published a survey to find out the cause of broken, dented or scratched iPhone handsets.

According to LXORY’s representative, John Dewan, the survey shed the light on the top five ways to break an iPhone, of which ‘dropped on a hard surface’ ranked number one with 43% of the survey’s respondents quoting this as the cause of their damaged smartphones. When asked about how long they owned their devices before incurring damage, the average answer was 10.4 weeks. However, MobilePhoneChecker revealed that newer models such as iPhone 5 can easily break sooner at 5.9 weeks.

“Since its arrival, the iPhone has taken the world by storm due to its aesthetic appeal and robust functionality,” explained Dewan. “Unfortunately, even the best has its flaws, which in this case is fragility. With that in mind, we have designed both the FourFlexx iPad Stand and The XStand. The latter is our latest solution to prevent users from dropping their phones as they charge or while carrying out their daily routines. However, we also believe in value for money, which is why our accessories provide 2-in-1 functionality to our clients.”

Released earlier this year, The XStand offers a stylish dock for both iPhones and Apple Watches. The travel-friendly, compact accessory is made of padded rubber and can easily accommodate iPhones along with their bulky cases. These specs further add to the stand’s ability to protect both of the expensive devices, especially from scratches when not in use.

In addition, the Apple Watch and iPhone dock can be used to flaunt the costly yet highly coveted devices. “Apple products testify to their owners’ good taste and love of style,” added Dewan. “Unfortunately, simply keeping them in your pocket or wearing them will not get them the attention they deserve unless you plan on whipping them out or showing them off in a blatant way. The XStand can help in this regard as it allows users to place their investments on a stylish dock and on their desks or nightstands. Therefore, they get to show off their devices subtly and without damaging them.”

For more information on the XStand (now available on Amazon) and how its innovative design can protect iPhones, visit the LXORY website.

To purchase the new Apple Watch and iPhone dock, visit Amazon.


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