Marci Lock Addresses Obesity Head-On With 90-Day Mind & Body Transformation Plan

Press Release

The epidemic known as obesity is a costly health concern putting Americans at risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer. It affects more than one-third of adults over 18 and nearly 20% of children under 18 in the US. Adults are considered in the obese range when they reach 35 pounds past their ideal weight. With these rampant statistics reaching every state in the nation, Marci Lock, a nutrition and fitness expert, has launched a 90-day mind and body transformation program designed to help teach individuals how to turn their bodies into a fat burning machine for life.

Says Lock, “Yo-yo dieting or weight cycling is a huge problem facing dieters today. They lose they weight, and then they gain it right back. That’s what we intend to stop.” In fact, according to a report by the American Psychological Association, yo-yo dieting can have intense emotional as well as physical consequences from the stress individuals put on their bodies to lose the pounds so rapidly. Lock continues, saying, “Yes, the instant gratification of losing the weight is wonderful, but eventually, we all give in to the old eating habits that caused us to gain the weight in the first place.”

With her Marci Lock program, consumers receive all the tools needed to finally gain control of their weight and keep it off. Lock confirms, stating, “What I’m offering is an incredibly unique and extremely effective system designed to educate, empower, and transform men and women from the inside out to get results, and more importantly, keep them for life. What I will be teaching is both the skill set to turn your body into a fat burning machine, and the right mindset to breakthrough the barriers to see and experience breakthrough results. And really? Isn’t that what a weight loss system is all about?”

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About Marci Lock:

Marci Lock focuses on the TRUE Components to create life long results and has the the credibility to prove it. Not only has she gone through the journey herself, but assisted thousands in their transformation. As a TV and Radio, Nutrition and Fitness Expert, Life Transformation Coach, Show Host, Author and Motivational Speaker, Marci travels the world sharing her passion and purpose in transforming lives, and creating health from the inside out. She thrives on the “hands on” transformational process experienced in her boot camps, retreats and seminars.