Maryland MedSpa Offers Mothers Advice Just In Time For Mother’s Day

Press Release

Award winning surgeon, Dr. Adam Summers, from Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery Center is no stranger to understanding what mothers desire after enduring nine months that result in a forever changed body image. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, 1.7 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in 2015, of which 629,161 included breast augmentation, liposuction, and/or tummy tuck*; all of which are common procedures in a ‘mommy makeover’. This is why he offers 3 tips when considering getting a ‘mommy makeover’

1.) Don’t neglect the face – “Laser skin resurfacing, dermal fillers or a neck lift could help retain that youthful glow that sleepless nights and the stresses of being a new mother can affect,” says Dr. Summers.

2.) Perform as many procedures as SAFELY possible at one time – according to Dr. Summers, knowing how many procedures are safe to perform at one time and scheduling to have them done at one time can help minimize recovery time.

3.)Plan for rest afterward – Dr. Summers says a mother’s body will need extra time to recover after enduring cosmetic surgery after pregnancy.

At Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery Center Dr. Summers and his staff understand that a ‘mommy makeover’ may not be for everyone. Services offered through the less-invasive Pure Medspa include skin rejuvenation services like botox, facials and micro-needling, among others and laser treatments like laser Pure body lift and facelifts, laser peels and laser hair removal, among others.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery Center is offering an additional $50 gift certificate with the purchase of any Mother’s Day Gift Certificate to the PURE MedSpa. Celebrate mother’s day together with a special trip to the MedSpa!

For more information, please visit Maryland Plastic Surgery Pure Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery Center’s website. Dr. Summers and his team welcome feedback from customers and visitors alike, and look forward to helping patients become the absolute best version of themselves through simply the best cosmetic surgery and medspa services in the mid-Atlantic region.

*Counts of procedures performed by ASPS member surgeons only