Miami Dolphins 2016 Draft and Off Season Raising Playoff Hopes

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As the smoke cleared around the Miami Dolphins’ controversial first round draft pick, overall #13, Leramy Tunsil, Offensive Tackle from Ole Miss, the focus of the Dolphin management and coaches became apparent. Miami was set on taking the best available players. With a less than stellar season in 2015, winning only six games and having had obvious issues within the coaching staff, 2016 offers a potential complete turn around for the Fins.

Both the NFL Network and ESPN analysts are claiming Miami as one of the success stories of the 2016 draft, despite the controversy surrounding their first round choice. The addition of head coach, Adam Gase, former offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears and GM, Chris Grier offer hope for a new era in Miami.

“The fans here in Miami are stoked to see what will happen with a new coaching staff,” offered NFL off season trainer, Manning Sumner. “The draft brought some really good talent to an already talented team. Let’s hope Coach Gase can make something happen with these amazing athletes.”

Trainer to the front four of the Miami Dolphins’ offensive line, Sumner is confident that Dolphins’ QB, Ryan Tannehill will have more protection in 2016 than in the past.

“These guys are amazing athletes and take their strength conditioning very seriously,” stated Sumner, owner and founder of Legacy Fit, the number one bootcamp gym in Miami. “About the time you think they’ve gotten as strong as they can, they throw on more weight. As a former NCAA linebacker, I wouldn’t want to face these beasts!”

Pro Bowl Tackle, Branden Albert has trained under Sumner for years, including rehabilitating from a potentially career ending knee injury suffered in November of 2014 against the Detroit Lions. Albert returned from that injury to be named to the 2016 Pro Bowl.

“Branden is what you could call an ‘example’ athlete. He makes those around him want to perform better, try harder and become better players,” Sumner added. “Sheer determination got him back into Pro Bowl shape. He is an amazing athlete and man.”

Joined by fellow Offensive Tackle, Juwuan James, and Guards, Dallas Thomas and Jamil Douglas, Sumner is literally training the O-line for the Dolphins.

Legacy Fit is an NFL level training facility,” said Sumner, former Auburn University Line Backer and NCAA strength coach. “There are professional athletes from not only the NFL but other sports also, who come to me and Legacy Fit for off season training and conditioning.”

Instrumental in the come-back of 2015 NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors guard, Shawn Livingston, Sumner has gained a reputation in the NFL and NBA as one of the top rehab trainers, in addition to one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. Sought by athletes from coast to coast, Sumner has a unique perspective on professional sports.

“It’s awesome to watch a couple of my guys going head to head,” added a smiling Sumner. “I love seeing them out there giving it all they’ve got. That’s what it takes to be a professional level athlete and that is exactly how I train, bringing the same intensity as in a game.”

With the completion of the draft, rookie mini-camp begins this week as NFL teams across the country get an in depth look at the draft picks of 2016’s draft. Acquisitions of un-drafted free agents continues through mid-July when the bulk of NFL teams will begin their full training camps. In the interim, off season strength and conditioning is a top priority for veteran players.

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**JD Arbuckle is a freelance journalist specializing in consumer education on a variety of topics including professional athletes, pro athlete trainers and injury prevention.