Mom Launches New Safest USA Face Paints after Kids Get Stained Faces April 23rd

Press Release

Customers looking for the latest Arts and Crafts will now be able to purchase the Ava and Frank Face and Body Paint Palette for kids and professionals. Today as a parent it is hard to find paints to use on children or adults that are safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Finally a USA made set was created that can be used with 100% confidence that they are safe and can guarantee smiles apparently. Co-Founder at Ava and Frank releases details of Ava and Frank’s Face Paints development.

Ava and Frank Face Painting Kits and supplies are designed to appeal specifically to Moms, Grandmas, School Teachers, Crafters, Body Artists and Events Organizers and includes:

Made with love in USA – This important feature was included because the founder discovered with their own children that, “There are many dangerous cheap imported paints on the USA Market that do not disclose all ingredients properly and that slip through the FDA approved net. Therefore these paints are made and put together in a factory in the USA, not in China. This is great news for the American consumer as it has good old American standards to go with it including a premium quality and well tested product. It also supports USA jobs and families”

In addition to ensuring the consumer is as safe as possible, the brand posses the Highest Child Toy Safety Rating in the USA, no easy feat. There are very few face and body painting sets for professionals and kids that get this rating in the USA. To be even more specific make sure to read the label clearly and that the claims stand – in this case the paints are Vegan, Hypo Allergenic Nut-Free, Paraben-Free, Lead-Free, Lanolin-Free, Latex-Free, Face Paints. So even the most discerning mom or vegan would be able to use theses paints and feel happy about it. Customers who buy Ava and Frank Professional Face and Body Paints should enjoy this feature because If using with children and clients – it’s as safe as a face paint can get in the cosmetic and toy market and it’s gentle on the skin without any allergic reactions. In addition – it supports keeping American families employed. The customers can purchase with confidence, assurance and no stress. Customer feedback so far has been extremely positive and kids are giving their moms ‘Coolest Mom Awards’ as they are having such a blast with the paints.

16 Vibrant Concentrated Color Rainbow Paints that create up to 160 designs for faces – Ava and Frank made sure to make this part of the Arts and Crafts’s development as the paints are concentrated and water activated so can go a lot longer than normal paints with a re-sealable, handy, light artist palette box. Customers will likely appreciate this as it presents value and even includes gold and silver for sparkle whether it be a princess or super hero design as well as brushes and sponges to get started straight away for impatient children.

“As a parent I was struggling to find paints I could use on the 3 and 5 year old daughters! Finally a gorgeous USA made paint art set was found that can used with 100% confidence that it is safe and could guarantee smiles”. When asked about Ava and Frank Face Paint Kit, Amanda the Founder said:

“Moms, Kids, Crafters and Professional Face Painters adore these paints because they are made in the USA, easy to use, with fabulous rainbow paint colors, are great value for a premium craft product, make great gifts and your kids will love you forever because it’s just too much fun”.

This is Ava and Frank’s first release of a new product and they are excited about bringing this high quality complete face and body paint kit to professionals and parents and to providing the best customer service possible. They stand by their 100% satisfaction guarantee – ‘If there are no smiles nor total fun, it’s a money back no-risk promise’. They are gearing up for Spring right now as it is ‘how to paint a fairy princess or even a scary zombie time’. They are particularly excited about this release because Ava and Frank as a company believe in Pure Protect and Play. Why risk the dangers of toxic cheap imported paints with allergic reactions, smells and stains when SAFE happy in a palette is now available, made in the USA with love by parents and face painting professionals. Containing the highest child safety rating and the creamy colors with easy on easy off smooth formula, all events, sports days and parties will be a blast, makes great pictures and keeps everyone smiling. Magic up some unlimited happy today with Ava and Frank Face Paint Palette at Ava and .

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