Moms to Sleep Better with Mother’s Day Special Coloring Books

Press Release

Every mother knows how kids love to smudge those knotty patterns with bright colors, and adults lose themselves for hours, crayons in hand. Like Marvel characters, coloring books can deliver a good punch to grownups too with their deeply soothing effect. This Mother’s Day is a special occasion to rekindle old memories, and helping make it happen is an exclusive gift offer from Your Coloring Book Club, the online membership club for lovers of color, geometrical patterns and themed coloring pages.

As a tribute to mothers all over the world, Your Coloring Book Club has launched a special offer for an Advanced Color Package gift for a whole year at great discounts. For a small monthly fee, the gift will deliver high quality coloring pages with relaxing mandala patterns and other thematic coloring pages of various styles. The packages can be selected to suit varying skill levels and downloaded any number of times.

Coloring books carry deeper, larger meanings, and no wonder three of the recent top ten selling books online explored their hidden world. They are good for long trips, waiting periods and summer time fun. And they make for relaxed, fulfilling nights. Away from the kid zone, coloring books come in various types, with intricate patterns to suit various ages and skill levels. Any adult can choose from the almost endless themes and subjects and bring forth their own handmade piece of art.

“I wanted to offer a unique gift option to those who wish to go beyond the tried and tested ideas and dwell into family memories. This gift will help extend the Mother’s Day to the entire year,” said Celeste von Albrecht from Your Coloring Book Club. This Mother’s Day will be special for all family members who choose a gift that goes beyond the superficial. Coloring books cultivate a long forgotten habit that brings stress relief, clears the mind, strengthens motor skills and yet remains an affordable, anytime social activity even when done for a few minutes.

The Club’s offers come in Starter and Advanced levels of 10 and 25 pages respectively every month. Membership includes access to the Facebook group, where members can share their creative works with others around the world and share tips and ideas. The Club also organizes a monthly coloring competition with gift cards as prizes.