Movement Workshop on Flying Low & Passing Through Goes Live at Nivesaa Bangalore

Press Release

Ahead of the launch of its new ‘Passages through Space – A Movement Workshop in Bangalore on Flying Low and Passing Through Technique of David Zambrano’, Nivesaa is making public 5 as yet unreleased facts about the workshop, set to go live on Sunday 8th May, which fans and consumers within the Contemporary Movement space will find interesting…

The 5 items include nuggets listed below:

The idea for creating and developing the flying low and passing through technique of David Zambrano came about after having felt the exhaustion of the stressful movements during the practice sessions for dance classes in Bangalore….

The technique has actually been in development for two years and had a team of professional dance training program students around 10 in number working on it, which is considered a little more than average by industry standards. This goes to show that it takes more than a few great minds to pull something great together.

Nivesaa almost wasn’t able to bring the movement workshop in Bangalore to see the light of day, when a few participants could not readily ingest the idea of moving horizontally along the gravity rather than moving against it in a vertical space. The problem was overcome by continuous improvisations making moving along the gravity in a horizontal space their first nature as opposed to their habitual vertical maneuvers in space.

Nivesaa has done something different compared to other businesses in the Contemporary Movement space, by recording a considerable increase in the participants’ stamina using it as research statistics facilitating the psychological feedback mechanism encouraging the participants.

Passages through Space – A Movement Workshop in Bangalore on Flying Low and Passing Through Technique of David Zambrano will be released as part of Nivesaa’s greater plans to make dancing as fluid as floating on the surface of water for as long a duration as one feels like doing. It’s hoped this goal will be achieved in another few months as soon as a sufficient number of workshops are organized.

Nivesaa got its start providing dance classes in Bangalore when Co-founders Sahiba Singh and Aastha Gulati noticed a growing need for innovative ideas to put into practice in order to increase stamina and reduce exhaustion while rehearsing as well as while giving performances. With ten years of prior experience in the Contemporary Movement world, Sahiba Singh and Aastha Gulati decided to go ahead and start in 2013.

Sahiba Singh and Aastha Gulati are quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers… things like publishing a regular monthly newsletter, organizing get-togethers, interacting on social sites, celebrating occasions and performing in socio-cultural events; and releasing these little factoids ahead of our Passages through Space launch is what makes a difference.”

The duo also uploaded a video on YouTube, showcasing the technique through recording a previous practice session:

Nivesaa’s ‘Passages through Space – A Movement Workshop in Bangalore on Flying Low and Passing Through Technique of David Zambrano’ is set to launch on Sunday 8th May. To find out more about Nivesaa and the new workshop, it’s possible to visit