Narvon Pennsylvania Amish Sheds Barns & Garages Supplier Launches New Site

Press Release

Waterloo Structures, a family owned and operated business out of Narvon, Pennsylvania, specializing in handcrafted sheds and other utility buildings for over 30 years, has launched a new website, featuring a comprehensive image gallery.

For more information and to view the product range, visit the website:

Waterloo Structures doesn’t use the mass produced, prefabricated building methods now adopted widely by nearly all manufacturers. Instead it specializes in the customized design and high quality manual craftsmanship of shed, barns, garages and other outdoor utility storage structures, utilizing the almost disappeared, centuries’ old, hand-built standards (inspired by Amish methods) for a structure that is built with high quality materials for longevity, as outlined on its website.

The company does however, utilize a modern innovation known as the storage shed mule, for the easiest and most convenient way to transport and install the end product for their customers. The website describes the storage shed mule as not only being able to transport with ease, it’s capable of traversing any terrain for the exact placement of the final structure. Without the storage shed mule, Waterloo Structures says placement options are limited, and some companies even leave the installation to the client.

Waterloo Structures has always been able to solve challenging storage needs for its clients, providing premium quality sheds to the Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia and other Atlantic Coast locations. It designs and builds sheds, horse barns, garages, two story buildings, pool sheds, workshop sheds, pottery sheds, children’s play sheds and all manner of custom sheds. It utilizes a variety of materials, LP (engineered wood), vinyl, pine and wood sided panels. The website features a whole range of images of the various styles and examples.

Waterloo Structures does not work to a one size fits all solution. Its sheds and outdoor buildings are built to be hardy, durable and secure, to withstand all weather conditions and endure a long lifespan. The company works to a three to six week delivery timespan, from the date of order. For delivery costs or any other questions, there is a phone number listed or a contact form on the website. Its hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 12pm.