National Dental Placements Refocuses on Dental Practice Sales Website

Press Release

To buy a dental practice is one of the most significant decisions made by a dentist in her or his career. NDP recognizes that there are many factors which go into the decision process. They set out to educate potential buyers about what factors are important in finding a dental practice for sale. NDP can do a review and consideration of the many factors that make a dental business a positive acquisition, including collections and overhead of the practice, cash-flow, dental school debt, building or lease options, the future role of the established doctor, operations and potential for growth of the practice, personal and financial needs and goals of the dentist.

A Dental transition is another event where NDP can be of assistance. Dentists may choose various ways of reducing their presence in an existing practice. The owner may want to retire, or to earn income from ownership of a practice. In some instances, hiring an associate may be the transition of choice. NDP can help to guide the parties through the entire process.

The professionals at National Dental Placements are able to facilitate a fast and easy transition, regardless of the path that is selected to sell the practice. Specialty dental categories such as, general dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, or endodontic practices can be listed and qualified buyers or associates found from their many relationships throughout the country. Potential buyers or associates are pre-screened in order to be sure of their ability to acquire a loan, perform the procedures in the practice, and meet the expectations of the dental client.

In addition to buying a practice and transitioning, NDP offers additional services. They can perform a dental practice valuation including assigning a market value to the practice based on net cash-flow to the buyer, ROI to the buyer, reputation and growth expectations, competition and transition of goodwill. NDP also provides seller consultation services.