New Energy Books Point Way to Solutions, Actions for a Bright Energy Future

Press Release

Energy needs are in the forefront for the nation, states and local communities. The 2016 U.S. Presidential Debates, as one example, are testament to the relevance and importance of Energy as a nationwide priority.

Two new books are now available on energy solutions for the future and now. They feature key energy experts on solar energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainability and alternative energy.

The books point to achievements to-date and opportunities for the future. They are:

“ENERGY SOLUTIONS FOR THE FUTURE & NOW: Making a Difference for the Future of Energy” – In this book energy expert Marcia Elder is interviewed by nonprofit leader Aja Estro. Elder has some 40 years’ experience in the energy realm and provides candid responses on a range of timely topics. Her energy work has encompassed renewable energy, solar power, energy efficiency, nuclear power and other energy matters.

The book reveals many different ways to “make a difference” for the future of energy. Steps that can be taken in the energy area apply as well to a broad assortment of other issues and concerns affecting the public.

The book has been called: “Insightful”. “Inspirational”. “Informative”. “In parts Hilarious!” The entertaining parts relate to true stories told by Elder that reflect her determination and daring spirit in making her own difference. On that she notes, “sometimes guts and gusto are required to get the job done — plus a good sense of humor!”

“SOLAR ENERGY & THE US ECONOMY” – The head of the national organization, The Solar Foundation, is interviewed through this book. TSF’s CEO & Executive Director, Andrea Luecke, provides compelling information on jobs created and projected due to solar energy, the role of solar in business and economic development, state-by-state information about solar economic considerations and other key topics.

The two books are part of an “Energy Experts Interview Series” that looks at a range of energy issues, technologies, needs and choices, with a focus on energy solutions.

Both are available through the Kindle Store of Proceeds from the books (available at minimal cost) go to the series host, the Future Is Now Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization. They can be found here: Energy Solutions/Make a Difference and Solar & Economy.

Video presentations by Elder, Luecke and other national and state energy experts are also available online from the Foundation’s 2016 national Energy Solutions Conference on Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels. Details are on the Foundation’s Energy Solutions Initiative Website here:

The Future Is Now Foundation, established in 2002, is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that hosts educational programs and other support services on topics that matter for the future and now.