New Natural Scabies Treatment – An Effective Alternative To Pesticide Medicines

Press Release

Buford, GA, May 1, 2016 — Nature’s Innovation Inc. announced the release of their New Scabies Extreme Relief Soap, a homeopathic and natural scabies treatment soap which has been in development since June 2014. This new, innovative and highly effective formula combines mud directly from the Dead Sea with powerful micronized volcanic sulfur, pure lavender oil from Belgium and other health related plant oils.

Scabies outbreaks have grown at alarming rates throughout the country. Being highly contageous, contracting scabies also seems to carry a certain stigma with it, when truthfully, anyone can acquire scabies. Generally, the only solution for eliminating a scabies mite infestation, was to go to a doctor and get a prescription for permethrin cream, lindane or other pesticide ridden lotions. Unfortunately scabies mites have evolved with each generation and have become immune to these treatments. Similar pesticide immunity has spread among other infestations such as lice and bed bugs.

Going on the principle that “Nature knows what natures needs”, homeopathic practitioner, Bill Carlson, set out to formulate natural alternatives that not only are effective at helping to eliminate scabies, but have proven to be a remedy that scabies haven’t become immune to. Finally some relief to help those suffering from this menacing mite and it’s horrific symptoms.

Bill Carlson, Founder and CEO of Nature’s Innovation Inc., said, “We wanted to try something new with the Scabies Extreme Relief Soap. Our original Scabies Relief Soap works amazingly with the use of micronized volcanic sulfur and pure lavender. And while on a recent trip to Jordan and learning of all the heath benefits and uses for Dead Sea Mud, I decided to incorporate this potent mud into our soap formula. After further research and a few more proprietary natural ingredients, we had a soap formula that really works to soothe the itching and assists in eliminating the scabies mite.”

Bill chose to create homeopathic and natural scabies treatments because it is a much safer and more effective alternative to traditional pesticide treatments such as permethrin and lindane. He also stated, “We want to give our customers natural alternatives and better choices in the treatment of scabies while in the privacy of their own home. With this new soap, customers have a fresh new natural alternative to traditional prescription medicines. Using this along with some or our other products, gives a complete treatment course for such a ‘hard-to-get-rid-of-mite’.”

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The Naturasil brand was introduced in 2004 by CEO, Bill Carlson. Natural and Homeopathic Naturasil™ products provide natural treatments for common skin conditions such as acne, skin tags, eczema, ringworm, warts, scabies, nail fungus, tinea versicolor and more. With FDA compliant and GMP manufacturing facilities, it is a given that Naturasil’s plant extract based products are of the highest quality. Consumer base now extends to over 24 countries and over 1,000,000+ customers world-wide and growing.

About Nature’s Innovation, Inc.

Founded in 2004 by CEO Bill Carlson, Nature’s Innovation, Inc. manufactures and delivers natural and homeopathic FDA registered remedies for common skin conditions such as acne, eczema, ringworm, warts, scabies, nail fungus, and more. Nature’s Innovation, Inc. is continually researching and developing new and innovative solutions to assist in bettering health. Brands by Nature’s Innovation, Inc. include Naturasil®, Dr. Berry’s™, CobraZol™, Natural Spa™, Bed Bug Patrol® and more. Nature’s Innovation, Inc. also markets a line of naturally focused pet care products for issues such as pet mange and pet ringworm. All of Nature’s Innovation’s products are backed by a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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