New On Call Computer Solutions Campaign Details Simple Ways to Prevent Viruses

Press Release

As digital viruses exact an increasing toll on computers and their users, On Call Computer Solutions launched a much-needed new public awareness campaign. As one of the Tallahassee area’s leading full-service computer repair and IT service providers, On Call Computer Solutions regularly helps people and businesses with troublesome virus issues. Drawing on this experience, the company’s new campaign will help spread awareness as to how such problems can best be avoided and dealt with when they do crop up.

“It used to be that most virus creators were content with showing off and making a little trouble for their victims,” an On Call Computer Solutions representative observed, “Today’s viruses tend to be a lot more dangerous, though, with some even holding whole systems hostage until a substantial ransom is paid. The reality is that there are some commonsense ways of greatly reducing the chances that a computer virus will strike. We’ve just updated our website at with a number of these, and we hope that many people and companies will benefit from our advice.”

Although the vast majority of computer programs in existence are meant to enhance productivity, enlighten their users, or entertain them, some few have less laudable goals. Around a third of all computers around the world, in fact, carry programs classified by experts as “malware,” according to a Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, with the effects ranging from occasional annoyance to the outright theft of financial details, passwords, and other important information.

As one of Tallahassee’s busiest and most highly regarded computer specialists, On Call Computer Solutions regularly helps clients whose computers are afflicted with such problematic software. The company’s guaranteed virus removal services and On Call Virus Insurance™ filtering solution deliver real value to those who would otherwise be forced grapple with these troublesome issues on their own.

Even so, the best policy regarding computer viruses is always to strive to avoid becoming infected by them. As a recent article in the regular On Call Computer Solutions newsletter and posts through the company’s social media presences have pointed out, simply installing and regularly updating an effective antivirus program can go a long way toward keeping a computer, or a whole business full of them, safe.

The new On Call Computer Solutions public awareness drive will also help more people understand how simple measures such as vetting email attachments before opening them can help. With a full range of computer repair, virus removal, managed IT, and other services to offer, On Call Computer Solutions experts are standing by to answer any questions.

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