NYC Escape Entertainment Named Best Escape Room Game In New York Times, Make CBS Top Five

Press Release

Escape room games have been growing hugely in popularity over the past five years. The games involve an atmospheric room in which a series of themed challenges must be completed in the shortest time possible in order to escape the room. The games are fun, cooperative and competitive all at once, and NYC Escape Entertainment has turned them into an artform. Their latest event has been named the best of its kind in New York by none other than the New York Times, while CBS has named the company in their top five things to do while in NYC.

These press accolades are indicative of the passion, dedication and creativity with which the company sculpts its events to create the best experience possible for all patrons. They have already been rated one of the best team building and corporate social events in New York City, thanks to their ability to host over a hundred people while providing gourmet catering options.

The events themselves currently cover three distinct genres (, with Manhattan Mayhem creating a post-apocalyptic riot, Prohibition Pandemonium taking people through a time of gangsters and gin, and Alien Attack offering a sci-fi experience to challenge even the most hardcore puzzle solver.

A spokesperson for explained, “We are thrilled to have received such recognition from both the New York Times and CBS, and we thank both institutions for contributing to our continued success by recommending us to their readers and viewers. We have been overwhelmed by the response to our latest generation of games, and continue to look toward the future, in order to raise our game once again and continue providing the best escape rooms in the world.”

About NYC Escape Entertainment: NYC Escape Entertainment is on a mission to provide the world’s highest standard of live escape the room games. In doing so, they strive to create the premier escape room experience while at the same time broadening the appeal of this form of experiential entertainment to families, work groups for team building, and all other walks of life. Their premier games are designed by professional game designers, organizational behaviorists, psychologists, mathematicians and other leading professionals.