OmegaPet Launches No Grain Dog Treats for Pampered Pooches

Press Release

OmegaPet announced the launch of their latest blockbuster pet product: Grain Free Dog Treats. To distribute their all natural gluten-free treats the company is partnering with retail giant Amazon. The bite-size dog biscuits provide a healthy and tasteful solution for dog snacks and is available online at

OmegaPet’s Dog Treats are made in America and dubbed completely safe for dogs of all breeds and ages. The treats are 100% natural, gluten free and contain no chemical additives, soy, wheat or preservatives. The OmegaPet product development team was intent on developing a product that was great tasting, and offered health benefits with human grade ingredients expected from premium dog treats.

With oven-baked freshness and only 10 calories per treat, company co-founder Tara Pratt isn’t surprised by how customers have purchased the initial stock in droves. One product reviewer exclaimed, “my canine is coo-boo for these cookies…the ingredients are wholesome and human-grade, something not common with other dog biscuits”.

Following a hunch, the OmegaPet team drafted a short email to it’s most loyal customers asking a single question: what product should we launch next; the answer was overwhelmingly “healthy treats”, said one company official. Over the last 7 months a small team of product development specialists scoured the nation but the best ingredients suppliers, hoping to make this their biggest hit yet; initial sales do not disappoint.

The oven-backed treats are available in 4 flavors: Mint, Peanut Butter, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Spice. One company leader added: “we’re excited to work directly with Amazon to distribute our products to as many pet owners as possible. Our focus going forward is to offer healthy, US made, treats of various flavors.”

OmegaPet’s dog treats can be purchased online at or on by searching for OmegaPet dog treats.

Pet parents wanting to join OmegaPet’s product testing team can find more information at