One Page Website Online Marketing Sales Funnel Training Service Launched

Press Release

A new site has launched that focuses on helping people to create online marketing campaigns, updated daily with news, reports, and key findings to allow people to drive traffic to their business. Profit With David features video training, lead generation, and network opportunities and has a subscriber newsletter that provides additional tips for entrepreneurs and business owners.

More information can be found on the Profit With David website at:

The Profit With David site explains how it can sometimes be difficult to find ways to market an online business, and seeks to help people of all knowledge levels to create, maintain and develop marketing strategies to drive traffic to their site. A recent report covers a number of beginner tips, like how to get people to sign up to subscriber lists, which can lead to targeted marketing campaigns with high success rates. It also shows users how to find out where traffic is coming from, so they can better understand their audience.

Other guides focus on the importance of simple website design, with non-cluttered layouts and clear navigation. They explains that most people don’t like navigating through a site that is overly busy or has confusing elements to it, because they want to be able to find the products they like within a few clicks of arriving on the site.

The Profit With David site also covers new products and software available on the web that can help to increase awareness of a company by generating leads. Products like Online Sales Pro can help users to find leads, manage leads, and email people with targeted automated campaigns that are tailored to their interests.

A number of different brand awareness strategies are covered, which vary from making use of eBay and Instagram to spread the word of someone’s business, to marketing tips and tricks that can increase search engine results rankings and garner more attention, helping to increase conversion when people click through onto the business site. Anyone with questions for David can contact him using a contact form provided on the site.