Pacific States Petroleum Now NorCal’s Largest On-Site Fuel and Propane Supplier

Press Release

Pacific States Petroleum has reached a major milestone by becoming the largest supplier of on-site fueling and propane in all of Northern California. Since the company’s start over 15 years ago, they now have a large fleet of over 27 trucks with coverage stretching from Santa Rosa south through the entire Bay Area to Monterey and in the central valley from Yuba City south through Sacramento to Fresno. Their secret? Great customer service and on-time delivery.

This new growth means that customers inside the Pacific States Petroleum service area are getting more than fuel, they’re getting a business partner they can rely on. “Many businesses don’t get how critical great service is. Understanding the needs of our propane and fuel customers is key to our success. If they’re happy, it means repeat business for us,” said Pacific States Petroleum.

Understanding how critical on-time fuel delivery and propane tank resupply is to the construction industry is key to what Pacific States Petroleum offers. By working with flexible, performance-focused, highly reliable fuel supply partners, companies in industries ranging from construction to logistics can be assured of operating at a higher level themselves.

“On-site fueling and propane delivery is a critical tool to the construction industry,” said Pacific States Petroleum, “What is not always clear to those who depend on such fuels is how much of a difference the choice of a supplier can make. We’ve become Northern California’s largest on-site fueling company by going far above and beyond the norms in the industry. We strive to deliver value for our customers that other fuel and propane companies cannot match.”

Failures of delivery or even minor delays can turn out be incredibly costly. Not only might a lack of the necessary fuels wreak havoc with schedules, it can directly impact the reputations of construction companies and others, even when they are not directly at fault.

Choosing a fuel delivery company that can and will live up to this important responsibility should always be considered a top priority, whether for the supply of heavy equipment at a construction site, after-hours fleet fueling for a transportation company, or the refilling of propane tanks for forklifts at a warehouse. As Northern California’s leading full-service fuel delivery company, Pacific States Petroleum consistently provides the flexibility, reliability, and overall performance that helps its customers excel.

About Pacific States Petroleum:
Founded in 2001 with a mission of providing unparalleled customer service, Pacific States Petroleum today serves all of Northern California with a full range of the best in on-site and fleet fueling services.