Paper Lanterns Blog Site Launched

Press Release

Lampionnen Blog is a new site which features all things about paper lanterns. The variety of colors, shapes and styles and their flexibility makes lanterns an excellent choice for a wide range of events and lighting or decoration needs. There are enough options which are available online that a customer is sure to be able to find the right size and style of the items in order to match the occasion. A paper lantern typically consists of an iron frame covered with pasted rice paper strips.

The lanterns are available in a variety of shapes, all formed by hand. The forms include a round lantern, square and oblong styles. It takes attention to details and time to form the items into the desired shape. The tension must be adjusted to hold the lantern into the appropriate shape so that the rice paper can be placed over the forms. The various forms are created in large or small sizes, in order to fit the purpose.

The convex lantern is also called the paper bulb lamp, It is the best known form and is often placed as decorations for a night wedding. The melon design is similar to the bulb lantern, except that the seams are on the outside. Some decorators alternate the bulb and melon lanterns to offer a whimsical touch. The balloon style is curved at the top and features an elongated bottom.

When chosing lanterns for decorative purposes, buyers can pick any of the common colors such as white, red or pink. There are also mint green and peach. Some people decide to add customized paintings on the rice paper. Glitter adds to the sparkle of the lanterns. The lanterns can be hung from trees or branches, or from stands by attaching them using nylon filament. Some lanterns are designed to permit installation of an LED bulb.