Peru Ancient Mystery Tour Inca Sites & Vitrified Stones New Site Launched

Press Release

A new site has launched specializing in ancient mystery tours in Peru, where visitors can discover the secrets of one of the most historically rich countries in the world. Ancient Mysteries Explained provides a host of information on ancient ruins, and will run a tour around the many interesting sites from 19 October – 11 November including the New World Wonder “Machu Picchu”. The tour will include also visits to social and fair-trade projects.

More information can be found on the official website at:

The site explains the background of the Incas ruins. The Inca’s were a great civilisation in pre-Columbian America, which reached part of South America, including all of Peru, part of Ecuador, Bolivia, and even parts of Argentina, Chile and Columbia. On the website it is explained how their structures were built on even older foundations, from time periods much older than Inca time.

The new website details the unique features of the tour including evidence of antiquity in the sites beyond what official science will admit. Especially in the city Cusco, the former Inca capital, local expert Jesús Gamarra will explain his interesting theories. He will show the participants of the tour all the mysterious details of the sites and how that all fits within the ideas of his father, late Alfredo Gamarra. Jesús Gamarra is featured in Graham Hancock’s new book “Magicians of the Gods”.

The famous author was guided by Gamarra during his stay in Peru and both agree on many points, especially on the sites being much older than Inca time and having much in common with other ancient sites around the world.

The website also elaborates on the key Inca sites and their background information, so people can research the area before embarking on their journey. There are photos to show just how vast some of the stonework is, and how strange forms are captured in the rocks.

The 21 day guided tour will take people to the most exciting destinations in Peru, including Peru’s capital city, Lima, the wildlife of the Ballestas Islands, the mysterious Nazca lines, the Colca Canyon and the Condor Valley. The tour includes internal flights from Cusco to Lima and transfers between cities, so participants are assured that all aspects of the journey are covered.

The guided tour will be led by Jan Peter de Jong, an ancient mysteries specialist who studied at the Agricultural University of Wageningen and has lived in Peru for thirteen years. He made 2 documentaries together with Jesús Gamarra. His assistant, John de Jong, will be on hand as well. John is an expert in eco- tourism, running his own bed and breakfast in a beautiful region of Sweden. Combined they speak English, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish. A full itinerary is available on the website, so interested parties can check out exactly what the tour entails and plan their trip accordingly.

Anyone wishing to contact Ancient Mysteries Explained can do so using the form provided on the site.