PhenomeNEWS Publishes New Article On The Value Of Social Practice To Their Homepage

Press Release

Many men are facing a crisis of identity in the 21st century, and the ways individual men deal with that vary greatly. The web is a place where men can find themselves in toxic communities where skewed perspectives can be reinforced and archaic values reinforced in favor of pushing forward to find a secure modern masculinity. is a website that aims to encourage men to take positive, proactive action in developing their social confidence, and has just published a new article on the value of practice.

The website regularly posts reviews of cognitive behavioral systems developed by lifestyle coaches that are designed to improve men’s ability to socialize comfortably and to interact confidently and attractively with people they are attracted to. The new article has been written to help people make the most of these resources.

In it, the writers liken practice to work in the gym – individuals who do not go to the gym regularly and commit themselves fully to that process do not get the rippling muscles and six pack. Similarly, confidence is not an epiphany but a structure, built brick by brick by practice. The article gives men advice on how and where they can best practice the craft taught by their recommended products.

A spokesperson for PhenomeNEWS explained, “Posted right beneath ‘Welcome to Phenomenews’, the new article is designed almost as an introductory briefing to men who find the site while seeking a solution to their problems with social confidence. While the courses we recommend are filled with great knowledge and ideas, practicing them in the key to success. We recommend individuals go to new cities, different towns or even just a different bar to try out the techniques, and we also caution that people should be prepared to fail, to learn from those failures, and to develop because of them. Building confidence is a long game, and most of it is about losing fear.”

About PhenomeNEWS: PhenomeNEWS is an online resource center that specializes in helping men improve their social interaction skills, with the aim of making men more confident, outgoing and assertive. The website is regularly updated by a committed team of writers and editors, who share their own advice and review the best new training courses available.