Philadelphia Water Damage Restoration Company Announces Responsive Website

Press Release

Philadelphia based water damage cleanup company Restoration Aces are pleased to announce the launch of their new responsive website. In the damage restoration industry it is important to be able to respond as soon as possible, and every little helps.

To be offer the best customer service in a major city like Philadelphia, it is important for a flood restoration service to focus on customers and make their life easier in any way possible. In an emergency situation, every second counts, and making it faster to find the information that customers suffering a loss is a top priority. That includes making it easier for customers to find and access information about the company. Customers with water damage or flooding in their property need the facts be presented quickly, whether they are using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Manager Alex Weiss said “When water damage occurs, a rapid response can prevent further damage, and keep insurance restoration costs down. We are seeing that customers are finding and contacting us using different devices, not just the traditional desktop computer, but on cellphones, laptops, tablets, and now more often on smart phones. Imagine arriving home after a hard day at work to a flooded basement, or kitchen, you will grab whatever internet device is handy, rather than going into the den or office to use a desk top machine.

We considered a mobile-only website, since most calls are coming from cell phones, but these days people are using a wider and wider range of devices being used, and we saw that that a responsive website which is fully adaptable to whatever size of screen that is being used is the best solution for our customers. Most likely if someone has an urgent water damage situation they will be using a smart phone to find the contact details of a rapid response service.”

The new website design used by Restoration Aces is a responsive mobile-friendly design that displays the website in the best possible layout for the customer whatever device they are using. Seconds saved by not having to resize and scroll around, all add up in an emergency situation.

Restoration Aces is a full service restoration company, serving Philadelphia 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For more information, please visit

Restoration Aces
744 South Street #707, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 515-4477