Powerful Targeted Web Traffic Generation Marketing Automation New Site Launched

Press Release

A new online marketing site has launched that specializes in promoting automated traffic building aspects of a web business, which help to increase reach, drive more viewers to a page, and increase sales. It also covers online marketing tips and techniques to help businesses climb search rankings faster. Seriously Simple is home to a wide range of reports on the subjects, providing visitors with up to date information on developing trends. It also has a newsletter where people can sign up to get a suite of traffic generation products for free.

More information can be found on the official Seriously Simple website at: http://seriouslysimple.net.

One of the most popular reports on the site is one that covers five key building blocks to maintaining a strong web presence in any business niche. The first of these is mastering search engine optimization. Seriously Simple explains that SEO is used to enhance a business’s site enabling it to be conveniently located on search engine ranking pages like Google, Yahoo and MSN. The second underscores the power of newsletter marketing, because a business can cultivate an active user base that actively clicks on a site when the newsletter goes out. Other SEO tips include managing PPC campaigns, exchanging links, and using web banners as a form of advertising.

Another report focuses on a new traffic generation method called one penny per visitor. This takes the established pay per click method and brings in traffic for far cheaper investments than normal. Seriously Simple shows how some pay per click schemes can cost so much that they become unusable. With bot traffic spamming pointless visitors in high levels, it can feel like there are no good traffic boosting methods without paying large amounts of money. With the one penny per click method, users can try it out for as little as one dollar and see if they like it. They also have an offer of 1,000 visitors for $15.

A full list of reports is available on the website, which people can find by clicking here: http://seriouslysimple.net/blog.