Priority Medical Ultrasound Celebrates 25th Anniversary In Ultrasound Machine Business

Press Release

In the 25 years since its founding, Priority Medical Ultrasound constantly reminds potential buyers that all repaired, refurbished and reconditioned machines are not the same. The importance of taking time to research products, as well as to locate a knowledgeable ad qualified dealer. This research is particularly important when purchasing a reliable product such as a GE ultrasound system. Poorly qualified sellers of ultrasound equipment and related products often employ poorly trained technicians who buy and sell sub-par reconditioned systems, probes and transducers which are of low quality. The purpose is to undercut the pricing of reputable dealers such as Priority Medical.

When looking for high end medical equipment such as a GE LOGIQ E, it is a mistake to opt for the dealer simply because he offers the lowest price. Over the past quarter century that Priority Medical has been in business, the market for both new and used medical diagnostic equipment has expanded tremendously.

The lengthy experience in the marketplace is just one of the reasons for selecting Priority Medical, Inc as the vendor for new, refurbished or used ultrasound machine equipment. The firm services and repairs all models of GE machines. This experience permits on-site service, as well as ship-in service for portable machines. This service minimizes costly downtime. Same day service is available throughout the Nashville and Mid Tennessee area. The firm also allows for servicing most locations nationally.

The most highly trained technicians are dedicated to ensure full testing of all equipment before the item is listed for sale. The refurbishing process is a way to pay less for high quality equipment. Some of the products are refurbished in-house and others by GE. The technicians associated with Priority Medical Ultrasound can answer questions accurately and honestly, so that customers get the benefit of quality equipment at the best possible price.