Reputation Monitoring Software With B2C Lead Generation Assistance Launched

Press Release

Internet Business Solutions has announced the launch of an online reputation management software designed to help professionals or business owners effectively monitor the web 24/7 to control or shape their online reputation and attract more customers.

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Internet Business Solutions is a popular Manchester-based firm supplying businesses and professionals with premier and industry-leading reputation management software. The firm has announced the launch of a valuable software developed to help effectively monitor an online reputation 24/7 and instantly interact or reply to reviews ‘at the point of contact’ across the web.

The software allows users to monitor, track, set up alerts and instantly interact on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google reviews, blogs, forums, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more, to get not only a complete picture of what is being said about them online but also the opportunity to reply to reviews or queries anywhere straight away and provide an improved customer service or experience.

By allowing users to set up and receive alerts, in their email, IOS or Android app, for their name, company, brand, products, location, competitors or any other preferred keyword, the software can also provide an effective monitoring of competitors online and targeting of potential customers searching for services/products in a specific location or niche, to generate new leads and sales.

Internet Business Solutions explains that “in today’s world of the Internet and Social Media, we all know how important our reputation is and how bad publicity can affect us. We all know that bad reviews and negative comments can sometimes do irreparable damage. Changing your customer’s bad experience into a good one is worth its weight in gold”.

The business adds that “if you are worried about what people are posting about you on the Internet, and you are concerned that what they say will have a bad or adverse effect on you, your business, or your lifestyle, then this is the perfect software for you. It will help you monitor the Internet and Social Media so that you can find out what is being said about you online”.

The firm concludes that “from now on, anytime anyone mentions your keywords or your chosen phrases on the Internet and Social media, whether they are sending an angry tweet, posting something on Facebook, or posting a review about you on Yelp, etc., you will be alerted immediately”.

More information on the software and how effectively monitoring and caring for an online reputation can help retain and generate leads or customers along with the opportunity to request a 7-day trial of the software, and more, are available on the website link provided above.