RotorCopters Launches Latest Reviews in Response to Soaring Drone Demand

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Drone sales have soared more than 165 percent over the last two years with 4.3 million units sold across the globe in 2015 alone according to a report released last month by The Washington Examiner. Like their remote control car, airplane and helicopter counterparts, these devices have permeated various niches in the market from inexpensive toy models to elaborate versions geared toward television production crews. In light of this skyrocketing interest, Scott Waldron of RotorCopters has launched the company’s latest drone reviews.

Said Waldron, “Manufacturers have certainly taken note of the surging popularity of drones, and they’re catering to everyone from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. As is the case with all products, some are better than others though all makers insist theirs are the best. We publish our reviews to help parents and professionals alike decide which options are worth their money and which should be avoided, and we cover the full spectrum.”

Based on the RotorCopters website, the UDI RC U27 is a favorite in the nano category, coming in at under $50. This model features reversible electronic speed controllers and adapts to varying skill levels. Flight capabilities are said to outrank numerous other models in its class and price range. The Cheerson CX-10 Mini and the camera-equipped Hubsan X4 H107C Micro Quadcopter also receive honorable mention.

For those who are starting out in the drone operation realm, a couple different branches still exist. Aspiring photographers and videographers are being steered toward a number of models, including the UDI U818A. This product’s RotorCopters review points out a lackluster design and short battery life but emphasizes its maneuverability and input response time. The website directs pilots newly entering the FPV racing circuit to the Eachine Racer 250. Despite being in the more expensive category, reviewers are calling it an acceptable and upgradable starting point.

“Advanced features, as well as prices, only go up from there,” concluded Waldron. “I keep going back to the Phantom 3 as an all-time favorite, but plenty of other options are out there. Our website discusses the features, prices, pros and cons of our top 10 picks in each category, giving readers the ability to make a more informed decision on which model best fits their needs and budgets. We advise keeping the skill level of the pilot in mind as even some of the more expensive models won’t hold up to the hazards of the learning process.”

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