Rubbish Inc. To Offer Flat Rate Junk Removal Costs As Spring Cleaning Frenzy Hits Peak

Press Release

Spring has sprung and summer is approaching, and this is enabling many individuals to look at their homes in a new light for the first time in months. This light can be revealing, and show people how drab, tired and worn their homes are, leading them to want to throw out large volumes of unwanted junk, old furniture and more. Rubbish Inc. will help people throughout Austin and Central Texas do just that, with their junk removal, trash hauling, dumpster rental and more, all with new flat rate pricing structures.

The new junk removal pricing structure offers to remove a quarter trailer of junk for just $189 plus tax, half a trailer for $249 flat plus tax, three quarters for $329 flat plus tax, and a full trailer for $429 flat plus tax. These prices, considering the huge volume of the truck, guarantee an unbeatable rate for individuals looking to shift large volumes of junk, debris or unwanted items.

Customers need only ensure their debris is piled and readily accessible to the crews, who will then pile in the rubbish and go. Alternatively, individuals can get a pick up and drop off service, or a full demolition company who will help remove ruins without damaging the surrounding area. These are therefore the most comprehensive removal
services in the area.

A spokesperson for Rubbish Inc. explained, “We are looking forward to introducing the new pricing structure to our existing clients to help them get even better value, while we are also excited to welcome new customers as a result of the change. The service will remain as committed to outstanding service and experience as always – we are not cutting corners here, we are simply passionate about making the best accessible to everyone in central Texas.”

About Rubbish Inc.: Rubbish Inc. is an Austin owned business and have been in business since 2013. Servicing Austin and the Central Texas area, they offer roll-off dumpster rentals, 2-3 man junk removal crews and residential demolition services for individuals in need of clearing services of any scale. Their experienced teams offer an outstanding service with a great customer experience for a superb price.