San Diego Whale Watching Cruises Mark 20th Anniversary

Press Release

The experienced captains and crew members of the whale watching San Diego cruises are noted for their ability to bring the enjoyment of seeing whales, porpoises, sea lions and a variety of other creatures while cruising in comfort. The cruises have been available for more than twenty years out of Newport Bay. Four vessels make up the line. The primary whale watching ship was constructed specifically for the purpose of viewing the mammoth sea mammals. Passengers can see the whales from nearly any location on the ship.

There are multiple cruises available every day year round. Depending upon the season, San Diego visitors can leave Newport Landing to check out the annual grey whale migration. Giant Blue Whales are seen on nearly every cruise. Other whale species include finback whales, minke whales, humpback and occasional killer whales. There are also dolphins, both common and bottle nose species and seal lions and their pups to be seen.

The captains, Dustin and Austin, offer their years of experience in locating whales and dolphin. In addition, there is an on-board education department staff, who constantly work on improving the California whale watching experience. The education staff makes the cruises especially valuable for school and youth groups.

Whale watching Dana Point excursions offered by Newport Landing Whale Watching is proud to support Crystal Cove Alliance, the non-profit partner of Crystal Cove State Park. The Alliance is dedicated to education conservation and restoration efforts within the State Park and the Marine Conservation Area. The educational efforts include unique and innovative school programs which take place out of a Park and Marine Research Facility from a historic cottage and nearby waters. Using the experienced crew members and cruising in the top whale and marine animal viewing destinations is a unique experience for visitors to Southern California.