Sous Vide Wizard Launches To Help People Get Gourmet Quality Cooking In The Home

Press Release

Sous Vide cooking sees food sealed into a vacuum sealed bag then heated in a water bath, allowing the heat to penetrate the food indirectly through the water via the plastic seal, which keeps in the juices to retains nutrients and flavour. The result is rich, fresh and delicate food that is a favorite of gourment chefs the world over. Sous Vide cooking has not caught on to the same extent in the home however, and Sous Vide Wizard is a new website that wants to change that.

The website enables individuals who may have heard of the technique on shows like Master Chef to find out more about what it entails, including a guide to what it is and how to do it, and what equipment is necessary. The website includes articles on sous vide cookery and Sous Vide Cooking Machine Reviews to ensure every base is covered.

The website has been launched with a comprehensive suite of content together with a beautiful and fully responsive design that enables people to read Sous Vide Cooking Articles seamlessly on any device. The website will continue to be updated with regular inspiration, advice and recommendations to create a growing community of sous vide enthusiasts.

A spokesperson for Sous Vide Wizard explained, “If you watch a cooking show and someone uses Sous Vide, the one thing the experts will say is that it is an easy way to create fabulous tasting food. While that might be a criticism in a competition, it is a godsend for people in everyday life looking for a quick and easy way to create gourmet quality food. As a result, we want to popularize Sous Vide and get this technique seen in every household.”

About Sous Vide Wizard: Sous Vide Wizard’s goal is to help introduce readers to sous vide cooking – starting from the absolute basics of what sous vide cooking is, the history of it, and why it’s so great, and then helping consumer pick out the right sous vide cooker with high quality reviews. The site is regularly updated to include both basic and master recipes.