Speaker Authority Publishes New Guide To The Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speakers Available

Press Release

Mobile devices are now more ubiquitous than at any time in history, and their capacity has grown greater and greater with every passing year, in function, battery life and usability. Now, many individuals carry their entire music library around in the pocket, and when the social occasion calls for it, want to share it with all their friends. As such, they are looking for the loudest Bluetooth speakers they can find, and Speaker Authority has created a comprehensive guide to the best available items in 2016.

The new article on Loudest Portable Speakers enables individuals to compare and contrast the best offerings on the market right now, drawn from hundreds of comprehensive reviews the site has created over the last several months. The article provides a general introduction to Bluetooth speakers before providing a summary of each item, including sub-categories like handheld, waterproof, best battery life and overall winner.

The article is part of a series aimed at casual music listeners who want to know about the best products available without getting bogged down in jargon and tech talk that often mires other reviews. The site has also published a guide to the Best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

A spokesperson for Speaker Authority explained, “We are pleased to have been able to create such a comprehensive guide to portable bluetooth speakers according to what matters most to customers. Some want great quality for their budget where others are all about volume. As such we’ve created not one but two unique guides helping people find the best products for their needs, so they can make the most of the summer with their favorite music always available and ready to play. The articles are sure to prove popular with our existing readership, and we hope they will share them far and wide on Facebook, Twiter and more.”

About Speaker Authority: Speaker Authority focuses on reviewing speakers for casual music and media listeners. It does away with the specs and technical aspects of most speaker reviews and is led instead by community opinion and qualitative experience, using understandable terms for and by casual music listeners, enabling them to provide actionable advice to help consumers make informed decisions.