Spirit Swag Fund Raising Offers Custom T-Shirts Fundraising Inventory

Press Release

Spirit Swag has offered two ways for football teams or organizations looking for a way to obtain funds for the furtherance of the team’s goals. Custom T-Shirts fundraising options from Spirit Swag feature different and large collections of top quality apparels and promo items which can be used to raise monies for immediate or future cash needs. The two options available from the firm are simple to implement and do not require up front cash from the organization.

Fundraising shirts and other promotional items include head bands, shorts, t-shirts hats, jackets, winter apparel, beanies, pants, tank tops and rain coats. The production process is managed and controlled by trained professionals so that the organization can stand behind the products used in the fund-raising campaign.

The first option for fund-raising has a smaller selection but the profits are greater. The organization picks items to be included in a catalog, which Spirit Swag prepares. The team or organization distributes the catalogs, takes the orders and collects the payment from buyers. The orders are sent to SpiritSwag and the completed orders shipped to buyers within ten days. The second option offers a larger selection of items but the payout is less. The process is the same as for option 1.

T-Shirts fundraising and promotional items can include as many as 21 items in the Option 2 catalog. The minimum order numbers are relatively low. Option 1 has a minimum order of ten items while the minimum for Option 2 is forty items. In addition to shirts and football apparel, promotional items include yard signs, water bottles, umbrellas, mugs, stadium chairs and seat cushion, rally towels, flags and many other items.

The fund-raising items are easy to sell to team or organization supporters. Custom designs help teams or organizations to receive the exact design which will promote the goals of the team.