Star Wars Fan Film “Revan: The Fall” Crowdfunding Campaign Gains Momentum Soon After the Launch.

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A budding professional visual effects artist, director of photography, director and a part of the Limitless LLC team, Steven Shulgach recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Limitless LLC.’s upcoming film “Revan: The Fall” which is inspired by the 2003 Award Winning Video Game “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” and prequel to the 2015 Star Wars Fan Film “Revan”. The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for a fan-film made by a group of Star Wars fans that tells a gripping story of a young man the protagonist “Revan”, who was introduced in the 2003 video game “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”. Steven and the team at Limitless require funding to spark their project to live and cover production and equipment costs, their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has a funding goal of at least $25,000 USD to be raised by Tue, May 31 2016.

The campaign went live a few days ago and it seems to have caught the attention of the Star Wars fans, because it is already gaining momentum as it achieved 10% funding with 20 backers within the first 24 hours! The success may be due to the proud history and the promising future of the Limitless LLC. Team. The film production company was founded in the year 2012, by a young group of Star Wars fans got together and decided to make a fan film. However, this group was only made up of amateur filmmakers, who were passionate about creating films, and Star Wars, despite that they took on making a film, based on one of the most talked about Star Wars Extended Universe characters of all time, “Revan,” which was released on YouTube in 2015 and was well received by the viewers. At this present time, the film has almost a million views on YouTube. Now, after starting their professional careers in various fields as composers, cinematographers, actors, directors, etc., the team has decided to join forces again and make another film.

Steven, who is also currently managing Limitless. LLC explains: “At this point in time, we have all branched off into our own professional careers, as composers, cinematographers, actors, directors, etc. So, we thought: “Wouldn’t it be amazing to come back together and make a new fan film, this time with viscerally higher quality?” Revan: The Fall, inspired by “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”, follows the events of Revan as he confronts his old ally, Darth Malak, in the depths of the Star Forge.”

What started as a bunch of kids sharing their passions with the worlds has now evolved into a project that shows real potential to the fans of the Star Wars franchise. The team is promising combat that is visceral, real sets, juicy dialogues, and a gripping story that will portray the true power of the force, as the audience never seen it before.

Steven further added: “The artists at Limitless Productions have made solid connections with some of the best professional filmmakers from all over the country, flying in folks from Los Angeles, bringing them down from New York City, to come together in the beautiful state of Maryland to shoot this bad boy! This is why we need your help.”

According to the Kickstarter project pitch Limitless spent $5,000 USD on the production of the previous film “Revan” and this time the team is aiming for $25,000 USD which will allow them to create a much better result with “Revan: The Fall” and they need the help of the online crowd.

The ongoing Kickstarter has seen steady progress since its launch. However, the campaign has a long way to go to reach its goals, the team behind the project is looking towards the generosity of the online crowd who are fans of Star Wars and are also supportive of creative projects. The funds raised through the current crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various aspects necessary for the completion of the film, which according to the Limitless’s project timeline would be released in December 2016.

The crowdfunding project offers various pledge options to suit different preferences. A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions. There are limited qualities of the special reward items. On the subject of risks and challenges the Limitless team is ready to take on any challenges that might occur.

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About Us: Limitless was founded in 2012 by a group of Star Wars fans, who were passionate about film making. Today, the company has evolved into a group of professional artists in their own respective fields, as composers, cinematographers, actors, directors, etc., who are to this day share the love for all things Star Wars.

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