Step By Step Professional Family Foot Care Launches New Orthotic Footwear Lineup

Press Release

Based on information from a recent medical study, more than 4.5 million Canadians suffer from some form of musculoskeletal disorder. These conditions affect people of all ages and can range in severity from mild to debilitating. The staff of Step By Step Professional Family Foot Care is well aware of the prominence of this issue, having recently celebrated the practice’s 17th anniversary in treating biomechanical abnormalities. In honor of this occasion, founder and registered Chiropodist Alnoor Ladhani has recently launched the clinic’s latest Shoe Boutique lineup.

Said Ladhani, “At Step By Step Professional Family Foot Care, we’ve dedicated our professional lives to relieving pain in patients’ feet, knees, ankles and lower backs as well as improving mobility for those with biomechanical imbalances. We’re also here to help ease discomfort for those with flat feet, bunions, corns, calluses and other similar problems. Designing custom orthotics is an important step in the treatment process, but until fairly recently, patients had very limited options when it came to orthotic-friendly shoes. Offering a far greater selection in this department was a logical step in our efforts to better serve the public.”

When prescribing orthotic devices, patients’ age, medical history, physical condition, profession, normal daily activities and a number of other factors are taken into consideration. The practice’s Chiropodist performs a clinical biomechanical evaluation during which patients are examined both at rest and in motion to better understand the condition to be treated. Casts are made of patients’ feet from which orthotics are created, incorporating any necessary corrective measures.

More than 100 styles of orthopedic shoes are now available through the Shoe Boutique, including athletic and hiking shoes, dress footwear, boots, sandals and casual options from manufacturers such as Dr. Comfort, Drew Shoes and Porto-fino. All are designed for patient comfort and to accommodate orthotic solutions. Those interested may visit the Shoe Boutique’s physical storefront or online catalog. More information can be found at

Ladhani concluded, “We’re proud to have spent more than 17 years serving our community, and we look forward to meeting patients’ orthopedic needs for many generations to come. We’ll continue to extend our services as new developments arise in our field and plan to update the selection of our Shoe Boutique on a regular basis. Anyone in need of our services may call or visit our website to schedule a consultation.”

About Step By Step Professional Family Foot Care:

Committed to providing the highest possible level of care, the staff of Step By Step Professional Family Foot Care caters to the needs of patients suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, injuries and other conditions.