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Anyone looking for a plethora of trivia facts about top ten in many categories are able to visit the website for the details. The website focuses on lists denoting strength, power, success, most deadly, most expensive and tallest. The subjects range from military types to creatures in the natural world to structures. One example is the strongest man in the world. The list is titled Top 10 Strongest Man in The World. The competition is based on an international strongman event hosted by TWI, an IMG Media company. The competition has been held since 1977.

The top ten men on the list are from various countries and years. Some countries have more than one man who appears on the top ten list. Men from the United States and Iceland are examples of contenders who share the honors with fellow countrymen. Other countries represented on the list include Poland, Lithuania, England and Finland. Additional biographical details on the list members include birth dates, height and weight and the years when they were notable in the TWI competitions.

An unusual top ten list is the strongest Pokemon ever list. This list is particularly valuable to games or fans of the Pokemon media franchise. Pokemon company owns the franchise, created in 1995 by Satoshi Fajita. The Pokemon character does human capture and fights others for a spot. The strength of the characters is based on their prowess with water, air and earth.

The size of the characters linked to Pokemon varies from one foot to 23 feet. The weight of the characters is as small as 8.8 pounds to as much as 776 pounds. The powers attributed to the characters may extend over several levels and may be renewable. Learning the characteristics of note will help avid fans of the games to successfully navigate the various levels.