The NTHSA Widens Recommendations for Motorcycle Safety Month

Press Release

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has declared May 2016 to be Motorcycle Safety Month. While the focus for motorcycle safety is traditionally helmets and raising awareness of motorcycles on the road, NTHSA also notes several measures that bikers can take to increase safety on the road. One often overlooked motorcycle safety tip is to use a cell phone bike holder while riding. Distracted driving is not just a problem for people who drive cars. Bikers use their cell phones for numerous things while on the road – listening to tunes, checking the weather, receiving traffic alerts and mapping routes are just a few – and anything that keeps the phone handy and in view is a safety benefit, notes Ben Mayer, member of a local motorcycle club. “Anything that prevents me from having to pull my phone from my pocket and risk losing control of my bike is a safety plus,” Mayer said, in referencing safety tips for motorcyclists. “A cell phone bike mount keeps my phone out where I can see it to monitor weather and traffic conditions so I’m ot trying to wrestle it out of a pocket, or having to constantly pull over and check what’s coming in.”

A cell phone in a handlebar mount paired to a single ear bud is probably the safest way to use a cell phone while biking, experts say. When looking for the best cell phone bike mount, they also suggest looking for one that is rugged, well-made and designed for universal mounting. While some mobile mounts for bikes come in with a hefty price tag, Mayer says it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to get quality construction and safety basics in a cell phone mount for a motorcycle.

“My Ride Gripper is designed for bicycle mounting,” he points out, “but the universal mount fits motorcycle handlebars as well. The wraparound bumper keeps your phone safe, and the adjustable grip fits even the wider phones like the iPhone 6.”

In addition to using a handlebar cell phone holder, well-known magazine Consumer Reports recommends that bikers always wear a helmet and appropriate clothing to reduce injuries, as well as practicing defensive driving to prevent motorcycle accidents. “It’s always important to be aware of traffic and road conditions around you,” Mayer noted. “Having the cell out where I can easily check conditions allows me to avoid difficult traffic conditions and get off the road before bad weather hits.”

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