The Vaporizer Blog Celebrates Five Years of Honest, Unbiased Reviews and More

Press Release

Vaporizer Blog is celebrating five years since the site’s founding, a span that is practically an eternity in Internet terms. At the time that Vaporizer Blog was founded, the vaporizer-review industry was mostly an amateurish one, with scattered reports of dubious reliability being the norm. Over the course of five years, Vaporizer Blog has worked with great success to professionalize its chosen niche. As a result, those interested in vaporizers and cannabis-related news today can count on a greatly increased level of information, thanks to the pioneering work of Vaporizer Blog’s founders, editors, “Vapebuster” reviewers, and other writers. More information about the Vaporizer Blog mission and focus can be found on the site’s Press page and About us page.

“We’re happy to report that Vaporizer Blog has reached its five-year anniversary,” site co-founder and contributor Janet Fox said, “We set out five years ago to bring accuracy and professionalism to a field that lacked them at the time. We’ve worked hard to elevate the quality of vaporizer reviews, and we’re proud to see that so many others have followed suit since. We’d like to thank the many loyal readers who have helped make this project a success and to promise to stay true to the principles that have guided us from the start.”

Although marijuana usage is still regularly portrayed in the mass media as almost always involving a pipe, water-pipe, or rolling papers, there are other options of distinctly different kinds. One increasingly popular tool among both marijuana users and those interested in partaking of non-narcotic substances is the vaporizer, a device that uses calibrated electric heat to extract the sought-after compounds without resorting to outright combustion.

Five years ago, the fledgling industry of companies turning out such products was covered online mostly by amateurs of varying talents, dedication, and seriousness. As a result, those interested in buying vaporizers of their own often had little of reliable value to go on, resulting in plenty of unsatisfying, badly informed purchases.

Vaporizer Blog was founded in Amsterdam, a city widely regarded as the spiritual capital of marijuana usage, to help improve the situation. Brought together by a shared desire to offer something better, the founding group of freelance media professionals, designers, artists, and others began turning out vaporizer reviews of a quality, comprehensiveness, and overall value that had been hard to find in the past.

Since then, Vaporizer Blog has become an important source for many thousands of readers, whether for the vaporizer reviews and rankings that have always been so important or for other features. Medical related articles featured on the site, for example, regularly draw praise for their usefulness and practicality, as do updates of many other kinds. With five years now behind it, the editors of and contributors to the pioneering Vaporizer Blog remain committed to delivering the quality that readers around the world have come to rely on.

About Vaporizer Blog:
With a dedicated team of Vapebusters turning out honest, objective, truly informative reviews of vaporizers, the Vaporizer Blog helps educate readers so they can make better purchasing decisions.