Thermalabs to Announce New Recreational Tents Any Time From Now

Press Release

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has announced that it will introduce its new sports and beach tent any time from now. This is interesting news especially at a time when the company’s customers are looking forward to these new, quality products. This move is reminiscent of the company’s growth agenda. Thermalabs has over the last 12 months introduced three separate sub-brands that will oversee the production and marketing of its product releases.

Thermalabs is an American cosmetics firm that made its name in the cosmetics industry due to its top-notch formulations for self-tanning products. The company has so far introduced at least a dozen different tanning lotions and accessories. The company’s pilot product (Original Self Tanner) was particular a major hit. At a time when most people were moving away from conventional tanning approaches such as tanning beds, Thermalabs introduced a natural and organic tanning lotion that could get awesome results barely four hours after application. Original Self Tanner was based on unique but highly beneficial ingredients such as Aloe and Japanese Green Tea. Following a successful launch, the company followed up with Glow2Go, its pack of tanning wipes, and later Ultimitt, its recommended tanning application mitt that’s currently a global bestseller on Future products by Thermalabs have also performed notably well, including its Protectan Sunscreen Lotion, its Exfoliating Gloves Set, and many others.

Thermalabs Tent World sub-brand was announced earlier this year. This will be a division of the company that will focus exclusively on the production and marketing of Thermalabs tent0based products. According to Ms. Ann Spencer, the brand manager for Tent World, each new product to be released under this umbrella would be named after a planet in the solar system. So far, Tent World has released the Mercury Beach Tent, which is a premium product that’s already doing quite well in major online marketplaces. Mercury tent is an instant popup foldable beach tent that serves as the perfect hiding or relaxing place after a long dip in the water at the beach. It’s coated with an extra comfortable bottom to be comfortable for kids. More so, this particular tent is multi-purpose in that it works perfectly well in any other outdoor setting, including picnics, camping, hiking, etc. Thermalabs additional tents will extend what Mercury can do.

“I have just received an email from our head of production for the new range of Thermalabs beach and sports tents. Thermalabs is determined to deliver the best for its customers, and we are always working very hard to make sure that our products capture the expectations of our users. Our pilot product, the Mercury beach tent, is already gaining momentum in the marketplace. This particular product has sold tens of thousands of units ever since its December launch. The upcoming products will do even better because they are packed with more features. Anytime from this day, we will be releasing top-notch, high-quality beach and sports tent that you certainly should look forward to. Stay tuned,” said Ms. Spencer.