Thermalabs Ultimitt Makes it to Number One Spot Globally

Press Release

The Ultimitt is Thermalabs immensely popular tanning applicator mitt, which has now made it to’s global bestselling list. This effectively makes it the best tanning applicator mitt currently available in the market. This is no doubt a major achievement that helps increase the perceived worth of a product in the eyes of consumers. Thermalabs has achieved the same feat with a few other of its products before, including its Glow2Go self-tan towelettes, and the recently-released exfoliating gloves set.

Thermalabs is a cosmetics firm that became immensely popular due to its formulation of top-notch self-tanning products. The company is registered in the United States but serves a global audience since its products are available in most international marketplaces. Thermalabs also operates a huge production site in Israel, where a team of researchers and skin care specialists work hard to deliver exclusive formulations for products that have the potential to cause a stir in the market. Considered that the company was launched barely three years ago, Thermalabs has achieved a lot. The firm managed to hit its first 50, 000 customers within just 12 months post-launch. Thermalabs is dedicated to a skin cancer-free world. Most of its tanning lotions and accessories were designed to serve as proper alternatives to sun-reliant tanning, amid calls by scientists that sunbathing was a leading cause of skin cancer. The company also contributes a chunk of its annual profits to charity, mostly skincare nonprofits and educational bodies that are making significant efforts towards battling cancer.

Like with most other of its products, Thermalabs created the Ultimitt to seal a gaping need in the market. According to Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, Mr. Howard, the company realized that most applicator mitts that existed in the market were either too small, inefficient and easily damaged. Based on a well-conducted survey and subsequent research efforts, Thermalabs decided to create a mitt that would be better and bigger than any other mitt in the market. That’s where the Ultimitt story started. Upon completion, the company marketed its applicator as a better, longer-lasting solution that easily fitted on the hands and covered all parts to prevent staining. It also said that the Ultimitt would prove to be an easily washable product that didn’t break or crack easily. These multiple benefits have probably played a major role towards making the company’s mitt the global bestseller.

Thermalabs has had many successes in the self-tanning and general cosmetics industry. Thermalabs initial self-tanner was a huge hit, selling thousands of units within its first week in the market, and attracting much-needed media attention that boosted the profile of the then-new company. Other major hits by Thermalabs include its Exfoliating Gloves, Glow2Go tan towelettes, Protectan Sunscreen Lotion, Tan Enhancer, the Mercury Sports and Beach Tent, among multiple other products. The company appears to be poised to be a leader in the cosmetics niche. Often, market veterans have asserted that Thermalabs focus on natural ingredients has greatly helped popularized the brand to customers.