Thermalabs Ultimitt Scores #1 Worldwide Bestseller

Press Release

One of Thermalabs all-time top-grossing products, the Ultimitt tanning applicator mitt, is now a bestseller on This is a significant achievement that highlights a product’s ability to deliver on its promise. This is not the first time when a Thermalabs product has scored this accolade. Multiple other of the company’s releases, including the Glow2Go tanning wipes, and the company’s tanning lotions have also done it.

Thermalabs Ultimitt is a premium tan applicator mitt that was designed to isolate the problems of self-tanning mitts in the market. Based on an extensive user survey that was conducted by the company, Thermalabs realized that most users had a negative opinion of existing mitts in the market. For instance, some of the applicator mitts were too small such that the user’s hands were stained during application. Others either didn’t last long, were hard to wash, or just didn’t work as effectively as people expected them to. During the launch event for this product, held in 2013, Thermalabs marketed it’s Ultimitt as the superior applicator mitt that was bigger and better than the competition. It is easily washable and contributes to a streak-free, even tan. It also doesn’t crack or break easily. These benefits have certainly helped stage this product as a leader in its category.

Thermalabs is a premier cosmetics brand that became popular due to its top notch formulations for self-tanning products. The company has so far launched at least a dozen tanning lotions and accessories, most of which are sold via, the world’s number one e-commerce marketplace. Headquartered in New York, Thermalabs operates a major production factory in Galilee, Israel. A team of skincare experts and researchers based at this factory are always working to find new formulations that have the potential to change how people tan. The company’s pilot product was a self-tanning lotion going by the name ‘Original Self Tanner’. This was an immensely successful product that rode on the benefits of natural, organic ingredients such as Japanese Green Tea and Shea Butter. Following its pilot product, Thermalabs also released Glow2Go, a pack of about 20 tanning wipes that sold at half the price and double the price of the competition. The Ultimitt was the company’s third release. Up to date, Glow2Go and Ultimitt are top grossing products in the company’s inventory.

‘Jessie’s Girl’, an Amazon customer who bought Thermalabs Ultimitt, reviewed, “This tanning mitt set is the best. I could not wait to use it. So happy it came this morning. Comes with a carry bag, also includes smaller finger mitts that are very convenient in small areas. The mitt is large enough that it fits my whole hand, and does not stretch or rip. It is made of microfiber. No more stained fingers and palms. I use the tanning lotion with this mitt and goes on streak free. I apply the lotion to the mitt then apply to my skin. The mitt is also easily washed with warm soapy water and I air dry it. I first washed with water and dried before using the first time. Comes with a handy guide book for using too.”