Think Perform Releases Free Lean Training Resources

Press Release

Think Perform, a premier Melbourne-based business consulting firm, has announced the release of several free lean training resources for business owners. Available on their website, the purpose of this release is to help business owners evaluate their operations chain and see where they may be wasting time and money. The resources will also help business owners identify the best way to go about eradicating this waste and streamlining their business processes.

Andrew Henderson, a spokesperson for Think Perform, stated “If an organisation wants to stay competitive in today’s markets, they need to figure out how to produce top-quality goods and services in a timely manner for the least amount of money. Unfortunately, many businesses are unable to achieve this simply because of unidentified waste, which is any activity that does not add value to the business. The free resources that we are giving away to business owners will help them better understand what waste is and how lean training can help them get rid of it, saving time and money without cutting corners on quality.”

One of the free resources that Think Perform is offering to business owner is an infographic that clearly spells out 8 wastes of lean that neither business owners nor their employees are usually aware of. In addition to helping entrepreneurs identify 8 common areas of waste, the team at Think Perform has also released a free eBook showing business owners why most lean training fails to actually improve business waste and what they can do to ensure their success in applying lean methodology to their business practices.

As Henderson goes on to say, “Whether it is a case of overproduction or simply not using employees to their full potential, waste costs businesses precious time and money that they cannot afford to lose. We encourage every business owner to take a look at our free resources and see how they can help them create a long term plan for sustainability in just about any market.”

Those who would like to take advantage of the free resources or inquire about Think Perform’s Brisbane lean training course should visit the company’s website at

About Think Perform:

Think Perform commenced operation in February 2011 with a specific aim to assist businesses in becoming more competitive and sustainable by improving their operations through Lean training targeted at the operational (shop floor) level. Think Perform is part of The Leadership and Performance Group with over 40 years’ experience assisting organisations with their training and development requirements. The company operates as a Registered Training Organisation nationally throughout Australia.