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“Shopping for a new mattress is confusing, tiring and frustrating” says Stephen May, Founder of Memory Foam Doctor.

Mattress brands have made it extremely difficult to understand exactly what consumers are getting for they’re money! Brands even go to the extent of altering model names for different retailers so they can promote the mattress line as exclusive to them, even though it’s the exact same mattress another retailer is selling. Therefore, trying to compare mattresses becomes an absolute nightmare task, an almost impossible task to do alone.

This is where Memory Foam Doctor comes in to play. With more and more people heading online to do product research before heading out to the shops, sites like Memory Foam Doctor make it easier to do the initial research and also save you a drive to the local mattress store.

Purchasing a mattress online has never been easier, with huge advantages such as competitive pricing, deep discounts and far better return policies, such as Casper’s 100 days trial.

The Memory Foam Mattress Buyers Guide was recently published to help educate consumers, empower them to understand the pros and cons of popular mattress brands, so that they can efficiently and effectively highlight a good mattress from a low quality mattress.

Memory Foam Doctor compares mattresses based on verified consumer data which it gathers from multiple retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart. This data includes product ratings, consumer feedback as well as the price range and brand of the mattress. Combining this with mattress features including density/firmness, heat retention, pain relief, thickness, country of manufacturing, warranty period and whether they are CertiPUR-US certified.

“The decision making process surrounding purchasing a mattress is confusing, there are so many choices a consumer has to make, and quite often they are lured in to purchasing an unsuitable mattress based on marketing gimmicks” says Stephen May, Founder of Memory Foam Doctor.

For more information about Memory Foam Doctor, you can visit: Memory Foam Doctor.

About Memory Foam Doctor

Originally launched three years ago, Stephen May founder of Memory Foam Doctor is on a mission to help those who are in desperate need of a new mattress “People often don’t realise how important it is to have a mattress which supports your body shape. It’s not simply a case of finding a mattress that you can sink in to, there are a lot of significant health rewards from finding the perfect mattress that moulds to you, supports pressure points and alleviates pain.” Stephen May, Founder of Memory Foam Doctor.