Announces Top Performers for the week of April 23, 2016.

Press Release

TRP recognizes The Identity Defenders as a top professional in identity theft risk management.

“Identity theft has been the leading fraud complaint for the last 15 years. There’s a new victim every 2 seconds, affecting over 13 million consumers last year. Business losses last year totaled over $20 billion, and when small business is targeted, 3 out of 4 will likely shutter within 2 years.”

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TRP recognizes Gary Patterson, the FiscalDoctor, as a top professional in helping you get unstuck, stop being a best kept secret, or coasting on past success.

“Gary passionately helps leaders increase revenue profitably with less stress by uncovering million dollar blind spots in time to avoid costly mistakes and make the best business decisions; carrying out business assessment reviews, and partnering with them on critical fiscal and financial projects.”

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TRP recognizes Liam Forde, Founder and CEO of The Zone, as a top professional in organizational culture and transformation.

“Liam has 20+ years experience in business coaching, mentoring and performance. A TEDx speaker, he trains globally (over 28 countries) CEOs, Executives, owners and Fortune 500 clients, designing company cultures that transform individuals, teams and organizations. He delivers game changing results.”

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TRP recognizes Lucienne Fleury, author of The Book On Financial Freedom, as a top professional author.

“I’m the author of the upcoming book on Financial Freedom. There I talk about the 3 main principles to follow to get out of the 9 to 5, flee the rat race and stop living paycheck to paycheck. I have a step by step formula to follow to make this a reality to anyone who wants to become financially free.”

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TRP recognizes Debbie Page Whitlock as a top professional in business cash flow.

“Small business owners are on a cash flow roller coaster. Increasing profitability is the most important thing any business regardless of size must do. The challenge most businesses face is not having repeatable marketing and sales practices to drive revenue.”

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TRP recognizes Lima Bergmann (Psy.D.) as a top professional in clinical psychology.

“Get to know and love yourself so well, that if everyone else on the planet disappeared, you would know how to be your own best friend and live out a happy and meaningful life. When you can imagine that, you can accomplish anything.”

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