Announces Top Performers for the week of April 30, 2016.

Press Release

TRP recognizes Shawna Barnes as a top professional in fantasy sports.

“For American men especially, football is second nature, while many women, who are drawn to fantasy sports because of the sense of community and friendly competition, have some catching up to do in terms of learning the game and some of the nuances seasoned fantasy sports players take for granted.”

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TRP recognizes Exponential Technology Counsel as a top professional in helping technology startups and SMBs become market leaders by identifying opportunities and avoiding litigation through competitive landscape maps and strategic structuring of IP portfolios.

“The future of the US economy will be defined by how well we execute in identifying, capturing, and packaging exponential technologies that are currently being developed by Universities, Research Institutes, and entrepreneurs – to form the startups and joint ventures of tomorrow.”

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TRP recognizes Robert Lambe as a top professional in agile strategic facility planning & benchmarking.

“Because facilities are a major business investment, mid-size business leaders need effective strategies to manage the associated costs and gain the maximum competitive advantage they can from their facilities.”

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TRP recognizes Citrus Solution LLC as a top professional franchise development.

“Most people struggle to have both a successful career and a great quality of life. Placing a priority on quality of life issues is easier if you’re a business owner. Helping new business owners create that balance feels more like a calling than a job. I want that balance for them as well as myself.”

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TRP recognizes Kelly Gerards as a top professional in digital and online marketing strategies.

“Professionals are always telling us, ‘We need these online marketing strategies, yet things are ALWAYS changing, it’s a struggle. We just don’t have the time to keep up.’ This is where we solve the frustration, getting them in front of their new customers, where those customers always are.”

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TRP recognizes Bryan A. Jones as a top professional in media and psychological video marketing.

“Tapping into your potential customer’s wants is the best and ONLY way to effectively market your business. Customers don’t care about you unless you care about them. If they’re in pain, stop the pain!”

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TRP recognizes Connie Dunn as a top professional in helping clients publish their books.

“Entrepreneurs who publish books gain credibility in their field and can also leverage their publishing status into getting local media attention, even if they give away their books. Most business people have written the content of their book in numerous marketing materials, including their Website.”

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TRP recognizes Access Street as a top professional in small business lending.

“For most small business owners, financing their business is one of the most important decisions leading to the success of the company. At Access Street we have streamlined the SBA lending process to provide the necessary access to capital small businesses need.”

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TRP recognizes Local Internet Marketing Group as a top professional in attaining online presence for small to medium size businesses.

“Jose Carbo has been helping business owners get online presence and exposure since 2011. Word of mouth has been his strategic method using online reviews and video testimonials. The best advertising is ‘Letting another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips’. Prov. 27:2”

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