Total Atlanta Realty Releases How to Buy and Sell a Home at the Same Time (the right way)

Press Release

Total Atlanta Realty has posted a new article on its blog. The article is on the topic of buying and selling a home at the same time. The article goes through the significant terminology that applies to this specific type of real estate transaction. According to the post, successfully navigating the details of a buy/sell transaction is best done with the help of a fully qualified and experienced Realtor. The article reduces the transaction to two basic elements: create a game plan and stick with it and hire a Realtor with an established history of successful similar transactions.

Although every transaction is different and unique, it requires the skills of a professional to navigate the complicated process of transferring ownership of two properties at the same time. In regard to the professional help offered by the Realtor; help with determining the timing of the buy/sell transaction and learning about the current market conditions are both best done by the pro. An industry professional is ready to step in as a guide and counselor.

Understanding the terminology is an important part of the preparation process. A game plan will allow the professionals to lead in the transaction. The Realtor will take care of all the moving parts which are associated with the buy/sell. Another term which is critical to understand is “contingent” or “non-contingent”.

The article defines the terms and discusses how contingencies affect the ability to buy or sell the properties. There are some which are desirable for buyers and others for sellers. In addition, even though the transaction is being done at the same time, in most instances, a decision must be made about whether the property must be bought first or sold first in order to complete the other side of the transaction.

The additional information provided in the blog are some tips about finding the right Realtor to help. The homeowner or home buyer should take the time to interview several agents before settling on the one that is best qualified to complete the job.