UFC Fighter Advocates Brain Health, Visits Cerebrum Health Centers

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Cerebrum Health Centers, a leading integrative medical facility for brain health treatment and rehabilitation, today announced professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Diego Sanchez, recently visited the facility for Cerebrum’s sports performance optimization program, which is designed to provide athletes an edge over their competition. Based on his improvement, Sanchez publicly expressed his support for the company while emphasizing the importance of brain health following his victory over Jim Miller at UFC 196.

In the video, Sanchez says that by working with Cerebrum, his performance has greatly improved in a short time, and he encourages other athletes to explore how the sports performance optimization program can improve their training. He explains further how Cerebrum wants to bring awareness to the importance of brain health, which is very important to him and also to his sport as a whole. Sanchez is expected to face Joe Lauzon at UFC 200 on July 9, 2016.

Leading up to UFC 196, Sanchez first worked with Cerebrum clinicians at the Jackson Wink Academy. Following the fight, Sanchez visited Cerebrum’s Dallas facility to help improve his speed, mobility, hand-eye coordination and balance in the octagon. After beginning his professional career in 2002, Sanchez won “The Ultimate Fighter Season 1” and has fought in 34 UFC events with a record of 26-8.

“Cerebrum has treated many active and former athletes suffering from symptoms of concussion and post-concussion syndrome, especially those in mixed martial arts, football and other high-contact sports,” said Jimmy Mathews, president and chief operating officer of Cerebrum. “With the growing concern over CTE, brain health is paramount for these athletes. While Diego is not battling the effects of a concussion, Cerebrum has been able to showcase how the innovative sports performance optimization program helps athletes execute at a higher level.”

Former UFC Champion Guy Mezger was treated at Cerebrum Health Centers for post-concussion syndrome. View his story on Cerebrum’s YouTube page.

For more information on Cerebrum’s work with athletes, as well as patients suffering from degeneration of the brain and central nervous system, visit www.cerebrum.com.

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